Songs From a Shed

is a collection of ten songs written and performed by pete bradley
who runs The Shed Studio in Nottingham


Lonely - This one's not about me. It's a song that was "inspired" - probably the wrong word - by a friend's situation where I can remember he couldn't get over her dumping him and he kept saying he wanted her back. But really she was right to dump him because he didn't give much anyway - can you say things like that about your friends? Not sure if you can, well too late now I've said it. The give away's when he says "there's nothing I won't do" but then says later "forget your foolish pride". Well if you're trying to court a bird or in this case persuade her to come back to you it's not very smart to call her foolish - is it? Don't worry he got over it when another girl came along, what does that tell you? And also it was my attempt at writing a pop song.