Songs from a Shed by Pete Bradley

Songs From A Shed is a collection of ten songs written and performed by pete bradley

Yorky Boy's Dream

6.Yorky Boy's Dream - It was the Shadows who made me want a guitar and it had to be red and electric. It was both of those things but it wasn't a fender Stratocaster it was a Futurama 2 and it cost twenty five guineas which I paid for by doing a paper round. The next step was to become a pop star. Well me being me I was never a front man, I've always been a supporting player, but I did have dreams about pop stardom and I'll confess it's something that in a small way has stayed with me all my life. So I wrote this song to try and get rid of this ghost, but you know, I failed.

All songs conceived, written and performed by Pete Bradley

Recorded, mixed and mastered at "The Shed", Nottingham UK

Photography by the "Lovely Jo" Bradley

Art work by MXPress UK Nottingham UK

All songs © Mysty Dgynn Music Ltd.