Songs from a Shed by Pete Bradley

Songs From A Shed is a collection of ten songs written and performed by pete bradley

Waitin' For You

9. Waitin' For You - This is my tribute to the great Rufus Thomas. Why, you ask. Well many years ago in the sixties I used to sing a Rufus Thomas song called Walkin' The Dog and when I did it it kinda tickled my cousin Judy. But I didn't know until many years later and so I decided to write this one which I dedicate to my cousin Judy. As a matter of fact when I wanted to learn Walkin' The Dog all those years ago I can remember quite clearly that Judy and I sat with pencil and paper next to the old record player trying to hear the words and write 'em down. Incidentally it was Judy who taught me to jive but back in those days we called it bopping and then she used to take me to Wakefield Mecca so she'd have somebody to dance with in case there was no one else - funny things that stick with you isn't it.

All songs conceived, written and performed by Pete Bradley

Recorded, mixed and mastered at "The Shed", Nottingham UK

Photography by the "Lovely Jo" Bradley

Art work by MXPress UK Nottingham UK

All songs © Mysty Dgynn Music Ltd.