Songs from a Shed by Pete Bradley

Songs From A Shed is a collection of ten songs written and performed by pete bradley

Truth 'n' Lies

4. Truth 'n' Lies - a bit of a downer when I wrote this one I'm afraid. It was to do with all the lies or were they truths in the news media. There's New Labour which gives us Tory stuff in Labour party clothing they put stuff through that Thatcher couldn't get through!!. There was all the stuff about WMDs and that and other things like that scientist who killed himself or did he which you'll never really know about. There was political justification for robbing the poorest of workers of their 10% tax band. It's a bit of a dig at one person's truth is another person's lies and the other way round.

All songs conceived, written and performed by Pete Bradley

Recorded, mixed and mastered at "The Shed", Nottingham UK

Photography by the "Lovely Jo" Bradley

Art work by MXPress UK Nottingham UK

All songs © Mysty Dgynn Music Ltd.