Songs from a Shed by Pete Bradley

Songs From A Shed is a collection of ten songs written and performed by pete bradley

Take Your Stuff And Go

5. Take Your Stuff - a bit of a jazzy feel to this. A difficult story to write this one, because it was really painful. It was after a steaming row with the love of my life and being the fool I am I seethed for too long and thought about telling her to get her stuff and sod off. But the trouble was she was the love of my life and "go is the word so hard to say" and "easy the words stay please stay". So thank god I took the easy way out!

All songs conceived, written and performed by Pete Bradley

Recorded, mixed and mastered at "The Shed", Nottingham UK

Photography by the "Lovely Jo" Bradley

Art work by MXPress UK Nottingham UK

All songs © Mysty Dgynn Music Ltd.