Songs from a Shed by Pete Bradley

Songs From A Shed is a collection of ten songs written and performed by pete bradley

Summer Days

7. Summer Days - Dripping with nostalgia and that's not what it used to be err, sorry! It's just a song about remembering when I was a kid in the tiny mining village of New Sharlston a long time ago. I tried to give the melody that sentimental kind of feel to fit with the words. There's nothing underlying about it it's just as it comes out. But I suppose I must admit to reminiscing quite a bit lately in my quiet times. I suppose it's better to reminisce with a friend then you can both get it wrong.


All songs conceived, written and performed by Pete Bradley

Recorded, mixed and mastered at "The Shed", Nottingham UK

Photography by the "Lovely Jo" Bradley

Art work by MXPress UK Nottingham UK

All songs © Mysty Dgynn Music Ltd.